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JSC “Industrial Development Fund” financed the purchase of insulated thermos wagons

JSC "Industrial Development Fund" has financed a project to purchase 65 insulated thermos wagons for the transportation of perishable goods. Today, the first batch of 15 wagons was accepted. Thermos wagons were purchased by Isotrans Kazakhstan Transport Company LLP. The supplier was Cool Infinity LLP, which is the only manufacturer of this type of product in the CIS. The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan is working to create a National commodity distribution system in the form of infrastructure – a network of wholesale distribution centers (ORCS), which will create conditions for a comprehensive solution to the issues of reducing losses in the food chain, price stabilization, development of trade infrastructure and creation of export channels, including the Eurasian hub.
These wagons are designed for the transportation of perishable goods that require protection from the effects of high and low ambient air temperatures, thermally prepared before loading (frozen, cooled or heated), with a shelf life of up to 10 days and do not emit biological heat, as well as non-perishable food and non-food packaged goods. The implementation of this project will contribute to providing favorable conditions for domestic producers, reducing the cost of delivering products to the end consumer from various countries and, in general, the development of trade infrastructure. JSC "Industrial Development Fund" plans to continue to support domestic manufacturers. Learn more: https://inbusiness.kz/ru/last/ao-fond-razvitiya-promyshlennosti-profinansiroval-priobretenie-izotermicheskih-vagonov-termosov Any use of the materials is allowed only if there is a hyperlink to inbusiness.kz

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