Казахстан, г. Петропавловск, ул. Ярослава Гашека, 1/2

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Казахстан, г. Петропавловск, ул. Ярослава Гашека строение 1/2 пн-пт 09:00 - 18:00

Manufacturers of innovative refrigerated wagons Cool Infinity and RusRef strengthen strategic partnership

From July 24 to 26, a delegation of LLC "Russian Refrigerators" visited the site of the manufacturer of refrigerated and insulated wagons Cool Infinity in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan. During the visit, representatives of the delegation got acquainted with the production capabilities of the enterprise and the features of the autonomous refrigerated wagon (ARV) model 16-1881.

The event once again confirms the intentions of the Kazakh company to develop. The CEO and shareholder of Cool Infinity Yerlan Izbaskanovich Sagynbayev commented on the visit of the delegation: "At the moment we are considering a wide range of options for interaction, including RusRef's participation in the refinement of our ARV 16-1881 model with the subsequent purchase of serial wagons, and the assembly of a new ARV model 16-5213 according to the documentation and by order of RusRef on our site."

On the part of the delegation, RusRef CEO Maxim Korneev spoke about the beginning of cooperation: "We thank our Kazakh colleagues for the invitation and for the trust shown. RusRef and Cool Infinity are the only active manufacturers and developers of new refrigerated wagons in the entire 1520 space, and therefore our meeting and our partnership is a natural and timely event, which, I am sure, will mark the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation."

The beginning of cooperation between RusRef and the Kazakh enterprise is a rather unexpected event, given that earlier the company announced the placement of orders for the assembly of ARVs according to its documentation at two Russian plants in the cities of Yaroslavl and Novozybkov. The industry experts interviewed by the RZD-Partner magazine agree and assume the following scenario: RusRef is preparing a more aggressive entry into the market and considers Cool Infinity as a platform on which to build refrigerated wagons using direct supplies of Western refrigeration equipment.

One thing is clear: both companies, which together have already produced several dozen new wagons for trial operation, are striving to find synergy for the early entry into full-fledged serial production of ARVs against the background of the catastrophic aging of the refrigerated wagon fleet and the powerful increase in prices for trunk road transportation.

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