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Neighbor’s refrigerator

The Kazakh manufacturer is preparing to launch thermos wagons on the market. In mid-August, the Kazakhstan machine-building corporation COOL INFINITY completed qualification and certification tests of the thermos car. The company has started its serial production, and from August next year it is planned to start producing about 1.5 thousand such wagons per year. "The thermos car is the most promising type of rolling stock for the transportation of goods requiring compliance with the temperature regime during transportation at a distance of up to 2.5 thousand km, where it can compete with road transport, as well as at a distance of up to 6 thousand km during mass transportation of food products. This type of car can be used both in the segment of key shippers and in terms of spot orders," Valentin Kargin, CEO of COOL INFINITY, told the "Hooter". Isothermal thermos car model 16-1807-04 is designed for the transportation of perishable goods that require protection from exposure to high and low ambient air temperatures, thermally prepared before loading (frozen, cooled or heated), with a shelf life of up to 10 days and do not emit biological heat, as well as non-perishable food and non-food packaged goods. The carrying capacity of the thermos car is 58 tons. The volume of the cargo compartment of the body is 145 cubic meters . According to Valentin Kargin, the development and improvement of the design of the insulated thermos car model 16-1807-04 were carried out with the participation of specialists of LLC "International Specialized Design Bureau of Wagon Building named after V.M. Bubnov" and leading Russian institutes. "Due to such innovative solutions as the design of the car door locking mechanism and the use of high–quality thermal insulation material, the duration of maintaining the set temperature inside the cargo compartment of the car has been significantly increased," notes Valentin Kargin. – According to the results of thermal engineering tests carried out on industrial samples, the delivery time can be up to 10-14 days. The operation of the wagons confirmed the thermal insulation characteristics stated in the technical conditions." According to Valentin Kargin, there is currently a demand for thermos wagons from Russian and Kazakh transport companies, as well as food manufacturers interested in their own rolling stock. Stanislav Stankevich, Deputy General Director for Development of Refservice JSC, believes that the new car will be in demand on the market. "Replenishment of the fleet of specialized rolling stock on the network will occur together with the write–off of old wagons," Stankevich noted. "The segment of production of insulated and refrigerated wagons is very promising today," confirms Mikhail Sinev, President of the Association of Food Sector Organizations (ASORPS). – By 2030, the entire existing fleet of insulated and refrigerated wagons should be decommissioned. According to our estimates, the market demand for thermos wagons today is at least 6 thousand units, for autonomous refrigerated wagons - up to 10 thousand units." As Stanislav Stankevich notes, the cost of a thermos car produced by COOL INFINITY is about 6 million rubles. In December last year, COOL INFINITY bought part of the premises and equipment involved in the production from the Petropavlovsk Machine-Building Plant. Today, the corporation is completing design work and the development of design estimates for the complex reconstruction of the enterprise. The completion of a phased modernization aimed at a significant increase in the production capacity of its own machine-building complex is planned by August 2021. After the modernization of the enterprise is completed, it is planned to produce about 1.5 thousand such thermos wagons per year. According to Valentin Kargin, the serial production of thermos wagons will not be suspended during the modernization. A source

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